halló // ver heill ok saell

(Title of this post is Icelandic for ‘hello’ followed by an Old Norse greeting meaning ‘be happy and healthy’)

I’ve recently been lucky enough to be accepted onto an MLitt programme in Viking Studies at the Institute for Northern Studies, which is part of the University of Highlands and Islands.

I wanted to document a bit of my journey through Viking Studies partly to help me keep learning but also to share some of that with others.

I’ve been interested in Norse Mythology for a long time, always fascinated by stories of Odin, the aesir/vanir and valkyries. I never really investigated it further, being one of those people who was gently ushered into a more vocational job through university and not quite encouraged to pursue these interests.

I recently attended an event called ‘Dreaming Bread and Skyrie Stones‘ where I had a chance to hear Dr Valentina Bold speak about her work and share some of her research on the histories of ‘magical’ swords in British myth.

I was fascinated and intrigued, and also inspired to venture back into looking at my own interests in Norse mythology.

So this is where we are!

I’m starting my programme at the end of January and I’m pretty excited about where this will take me!

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